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Annual Conference 2024
Sensitising the Educator


As a violin player plays on the violin, the special educator plays on the one and only instrument: the human soul. The more we become aware of what lives in our soul to play our tune as a special educator, we will be able to create harmony between us and the world. We will be able to create educational ‘he-art’ pieces and even facilitate processes of healing. Therefore Avapanam has chosen the theme:’ Sensitising the Educator’ for this year’s workshop. The workshop will hold a balance between: content learning and experiential learning through art and  social exercises. We hope that besides the rich spectrum of learning, we can also consider the event as being a retreat and social gathering of colleagues.


Welcome to all !!




Francis Aradhya

Francis Aradhya van Rijckevorsel was born in Holland in 1962. She studied at Emerson College, where she completed the Foundation Year and a year of Social Development. During her ten years of work in a Camphill community in Holland she completed a four year training in Curative Education. Today she is a qualified Curative Educator and Social therapist.


She and her Indian husband Anantha Aradhya started ‘Friends of Camphill India” 25 years ago. Francis is the mother of three adult children. Francis organises Foundation courses in Anthroposophical Curative Education and Social Therapy. She is a member of the Anthroposophical Society in Holland and in India as well as a member of the Christian Community and she is a Camphill Community member.


Angelika Monteux

Angelika came to the Camphill Schools in Aberdeen in 1973 after having completed a degree in education in Germany. She has extensive experience of teaching children with additional support needs and carrying responsibility for life-sharing residential homes. She was a founder member and Camphill programme director of the former BA in Curative Education, later the BA in Social Pedagogy delivered in partnership with Aberdeen University.


She has also been a faculty member of the  Camphill Foundation Courses in Bangalore. 


Neha Bharadwaj

Neha has been in the field of education for the past 15 years and in the field of curative education for the last 14 years. She has been attending,participating and mentoring programs with Anthroposophical impulses for the past ten years. She is currently the Academic co-ordinator at Kaleidoscope Learning Centre , the special school run by V-Excel Educational Trust.  


Neha has worked as a class teacher for children with special needs for many years. She has worked towards bringing Waldorf Education to them in a rich feeling and moving manner through movement, music, story and practical work that meets their therapeutic needs. She currently works as a main lesson teacher and music/movement teacher for young adults, as well as a mentor for other teachers at the school and the organisation. Neha has in the past seven years trained a number of mainstream teachers in the arts of movement and music and recently has designed and mentored many batches of IRA training modules lending her expertise in the field of movement and music. 


Puja Bhalla

Pooja is a psychologist and counsellor working at V-Excel Educational Trust for the last 13 years. She has been attending , participating and mentoring programs with Anthroposophical impulses for the past ten years. She currently works as an art, play and music therapist at V-Excel with children and young adults helping them to communicate and express themselves in the world. She is also the Curriculum Coordinator at Kaleidoscope Learning Centre , the special school run by V-Excel Educational Trust founded on Curative Education. The design of the curriculum is based on Waldorf Education, presenting main lessons through movement, music and art. She also mentors class teachers from Kindergarten to Grade Eight, bridging therapy and education. 


Puja has in the past seven years has also trained a number of mainstream teachers and Waldorf teachers in the arts of movement and music and how to work with children. She has recently designed and mentored many batches of IRA modules lending her expertise on movement, art and music. She has also worked as a faculty during IPMT training  and Humanising Education.


Augustine Thilak

Augustine Thilak, is a multifaceted Artist who uses the Therapeutic side of Art to connect with people. He has exhibited his art as well as given workshops in various cities of India. He works with curative and Waldorf inspired schools in Chennai.


Augustine is an avid trekker who enjoys all the challenges he experiences on treks especially while exploring “The Himalayas”. His fascination towards the workings of the mind led him to pursue study in psychotherapy after graduating in fine arts. He has also trained in Yoga and other alternative therapies (Varma, Touch Therapy) that have helped him to deepen his understanding of Man in a holistic way. This learning and understanding of the uniqueness and individuality of each person, supports him in his work with children and adults with disabilities. His learning includes painting from Rudolf Steiner Painting School, Dornach, Switzerland.


He is a member of the Anthroposophical Society, Goetheanum, Dornach, Switzerland,  Avapanam (Forum for Inclusive Social Development) India and of the Anthroposophical Medical Society (AMS - Chennai).


Sathya Subramanian

Sathya is a passionate early childhood education specialist, mentor, and interventionist with close to two decades of experience. She holds a Bachelors Degree in ECE (Early Childhood Education) from the US and a Masters Degree in Special Education and Inclusion from the UK. Currently, she is engaged with various public, private, and Waldorf schools in Karnataka and Tamil Nadu, India. She is currently in the process of  completing 6 years of Eurythmy training in India. She is the founder of Vilvam Community Centre which aims to enrich and enliven neighbourhood families through Waldorf-inspired parent-child programs, kindergarten, parent education and support, child nutrition, handwork, and Eurythmy.


Born to a family of royal weavers it was only natural that Sathya found passion in keeping alive indigenous arts and handicrafts. She works closely with tribal people preserving age-old quilting and basket weaving techniques. Projects that she is currently involved in are the Reuse Reduce Recycling  concept through handwork.

Working Groups
Working Groups

Working Groups


  1. Art with Augustine Thilak

  2. Eurythmy with Sathya Subramanian

  3. Music with Neha Bharadwaj and Puja Bhalla

  4. Social Exercise with Francis Aradhya and Angelika Monteux


(Sign up for Working Groups will be offered at registration desk)

Program Schedule
Program Schedule
Schedule 2024.png


Annual Conference 2024

5th to 7th, January 2024, in partnership with Nandavanam

Registration Fee Payment

Registration Fee: Rs.2500/- only for all


Payment to be made only through NEFT (online transfer) to the below account


Name of the beneficiary: Newgen Nandavanam Charitable Trust

Beneficiary’s bank: HDFC BANK LTD, Besant Nagar

Domestic / NRI: Domestic

Account Number: 50200038971383

IFS Code: HDFC0000010



1. Registration will be confirmed upon realization of your NEFT (online). 

2. Provision of PAN number is mandatory for registration

Sorry !  The registrations are full

Please do drop us an email at if you wish to be waitlisted

Sorry !  The registrations are full

Please do drop us an email at if you wish to be waitlisted

Sorry !  The registrations are full

Please do drop us an email at if you wish to be waitlisted

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